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Specification: All lamps are made of highest quality wood

We make our wooden lamp of highest quality wood cut by a laser plotter or a CNC milling machine. Each part is thoroughly hand
polished and hand painted with aerograph. Due to the fact that each wooden part is different (due to the ring structure for instance),
and that our lamps are handmade, they may look slightly different from one another. This way each wooden lamp is unique and exceptional.
Indigovento designs unique wooden lamps with original themes. Wooden lamp will perfectly serve as your living room decoration
or an additional light source in your bedroom. Carefully selected colour and materials, and openwork finishing make the lamp fit perfectly into any interior arrangement. The lamp’s base is made of hard beech wood, which is covered with transparent
lacquer that is highly resistant to abrasion or scratching. The lacquer coating guarantees the wood will not change its colour
for many years and will be impervious to light. Thanks to the coating the base acquires a very gentle glitter.

Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 28 cm (5,1” x 5,1” x 11”)

it comes with a white cord measuring 1,5 m in length,Wooden lamp Tesla – the lamp is inspired by Nikola Tesla, a legendary genius and inventor, Lord of the thunders.

Make your place a modern with our new conceptual lamp. We are making our lamp from the beginning. Every lamp consist of 30 – 40 elements hand – painted and made by us. Change your desk in office, bedroom decor and living room. You can change every place you want to, wherever and whenever you feel… add some warm beautifully built light to your life! Especially in winter!

Material :

wood, chrome-plated steel



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