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Cube Wooden Lamp with Warm Light

Cube Wooden Lamp with Warm Light

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Cube wooden lamp with warm light and beautiful shadows, made from planks of pine wood 1.5x3cm (0,6”x1.2”) each one. It is a little piece of nature blended well with modern interior décor in your household. Every piece is unique product of nature. This lamp does not give much light, so it can serve like a night lamp in your bedroom.

Made of wood pieces with accent on natural wood texture. Polished and smoothed by hands using durable safe materials for best resistance, and acrylic lacquer to make a perfect shiny surface. Beautiful design thing for fine style appreciators!

We create elegant lamps made out of our wonderful local wood! Add a sophisticated, rustic touch to your home or commercial space. Warm up any space and turn your light fixtures into an instant conversation piece.

The whole process is done by hand, as each of my items. If you are looking for unique décor item which is practical at the same time, You can not miss this wooden pendant lamp. You will be delighted how good this lamp looks at your home and how cozy atmosphere it makes in the evenings thanks to the warm light.


Height 19cm (7.5inch). 
Length 20cm (8inch). 
Width 20cm (8 inch). 

Included in your order : Wooden Lamp. 


Height: 19 cm. 
Width: 20 cm. 
Depth: 20 cm. 




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