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Table lamp, Desk lamp

Table lamp, Desk lamp

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Hello & Welcome!

This little lamp started out as a pretty standard solid exotic wooden cube, but i decided something was missing....
so i added some subtle little cuts into the sides, and it really makes a difference! the small openings allow the smallest amount of light to be seen which really adds a glow, warmth and style...the whole cube is made from nothing but the beautiful exotic wood 'Niangon', this lovely wood has stunning colours and grain throughout,
rather than a standard lamp holder i have carefully installed a circuit of leds embedded into the wood- these are almost totally hidden & invisible- you can even see straight through the cube!the lamp is totally ready-to-go complete with leds and power supply that can work from any mains power and therefor in any country! all you will need is a plug top as i only have the french/EU type.the leds are extremely long lasting and economic to use, and you never have to worry about changing a light bulb!!





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