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Modern table lamp

Modern table lamp

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Hello & Welcome!

NEW!! Now available with either On / Off switch or new Touch Dimmer! (simply select above)

This is definitely my favorite lamp so far- and i have made quite a few now.... it is a lot of hard work with the wood, but well worth it i think!!

the wood is the beautiful 'Niangon' wood with lovely colour and grain, i have connected the lamp to the base using a piece of metal.

the very unusual a sleek design makes this a real modern designer piece- certainly eye catching and the only one of it's kind in the entire world!!

i have really spent a lot of time getting the wood to a lovely finish, all joints are done with real wooden dowels, and it has a very smooth finish using nothing but a natural clear wax.

the Leds are embedded into the wood so you can hardly see them when you look straight on- almost as if the light is just appearing like magic..... and it is a lot of light!- the complete band of Leds really are very bright, i have used a warm white here in the photos but can also use pure white and even multi colour, remote controls, switches and dimmers are all an option too- just ask!

the Leds use a very small plug-in transformer to power them- this is all included in the price, i have these in EU/European, UK, and American/USA style plugs, i will send one suitable to the delivery address (unless specified otherwise)

this particular lamp measures about 440mm high and 125mm wide


Height: 44 centimetres
Width: 12 centimetres





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