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Floating Shelves, Hexagon Shelves, Honeycomb shelves, wall box shelves

Floating Shelves, Hexagon Shelves, Honeycomb shelves, wall box shelves

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Hexagon (six-sided) floating shelves or honeycomb shelves made from walnut wood in different 3 sizes. These are the perfect decorative additions to your wall. Order one, two, or the set of 3. Arrange the hexagon shelves in any configuration you would like to display small pictures, your favorite gemstones, succulent plants, keepsakes, and much more!

The sides are completely smooth and joined using premium wood glue and nails which are not visible. The wood is sanded, stained, and coated with a sealant to protect the wood.

Each shelf is slightly different due to the natural variations of the grain of the wood and may have knots and other natural wood blemishes.

How to hang: Keyhole cuts are made in the back of the shelf on each side so they will slot onto the screws. Simply mark the wall where you would like to hang the shelf then drill a hole and insert the anchor, then screw in the screw and hang your shelf. A cool trick is to insert a crayon into the keyhole on the shelf then press against the wall so it leaves a mark for you as a guide for where to make the hole! (Screws and anchors are included).

Small - W10" x H9" x D4"

Medium - W12" x H10.5" x D4"

Large - W14" x H12" x D4"

*** Listing is for the shelf/shelves, contents not included.



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