what is most suitable wall art for your home?

what is most suitable wall art for your home?

every time you hustle for perfect eye catching home decor here we have solution in blessberries.com It has to have visual accessibility and the right amount of light. One must also identify the right orientation depending on the wall you decide to display it on. Contrast or complement: The artwork has to either complement your decor and its color scheme and fuse with it or completely contrast it to stand out.

MUST REMEMBER -make it with combination of your wall color it surely go with your wall and furniture

you can go for 

1-wall hanging with shelf

it looks good on your wall as well it keep the storage as well you can keep plants,books etc

2-metal art with flowers and leaf on it

if you are nature lover you can go with a wall art with pattern of flower in it

3- spiritual wall art

you can perfectly go with spiritual wall art for which god you believe into that will make your house more positive


4-antiques classic wall art

when we call a word classic it should be something unique and antique so that will also be the best choice for your living room

5- animal wall art

this is a best thing that animal lover will there are different type of wall art accordingly to their favorite pets 

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