How to refill beanbag step by step??

How to refill beanbag step by step??

Beanbag is the best furniture for Diwali reason are

easy to move

light weight furniture

most comfortable

and doctor suggested for backpain

best beanbag with design and verities buy on

here is a guide to refill your beanbag or want to change to refill your bag cover

While several bean bag filler alternatives are commonly used, the most comfortable, durable and resilient filler is virgin EPS beads.

step 1
open the bag cover in package

step 2

there is a zippeer down way with velcro in it

step 3

open the zipper and there is a beans package easily find online on amazon or nearest store open that and put it inside your beanbag

step 4

close the zipper and velcro and enjoy the comfortable beanbag

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